The faces of Sierra Leone's Ebola crisis

A little boy is supported after watching the body of a girl he had been playing with taken away for burial amid the Ebola outbreak. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News

All this week, while reporting for ITV News on the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, I have also been taking photos.

I hope they give a sense of what we witnessed and what the people are experiencing.

The body recovery team working for the Red Cross has been carrying out some harrowing but essential work, at considerable personal risk.

I was particularly struck by the little boy watching the tiny body of a little girl being carried out of the house over the road.

A woman sits as a health worker in protective clothing continues to respond to the crisis in a high risk zone. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News

He'd been playing with her just hours earlier and now she and her grandmother were dead and his parents were terrified they too could be infected.

If they are lucky they might make it to the treatment centre in Hastings about 30 minutes drive away.

Sierra Leone continues to battle an out-of-control virus that the country's president claims will be contained by the end of 2014. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News

It's already full of patients recovering from Ebola, set up in a former police training college.

Now the people living opposite are transfixed by the arrivals - watching people go in, some of whom next make it out.

Body recovery teams have been carrying out harrowing work amid the outbreak in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News
Sierra Leone has been battling an epidemic that has ended thousands of lives across West Africa. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News
Medical teams have pleaded for outside help with facilities overwhelmed by the enormous need for treatment. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News
Victoria, Joseph and Joshua Munu were orphaned by the Ebola outbreak. Credit: Dan Rivers/ITV News