Mother makes a stand after breastfeeding photo is banned by Facebook

Emma Bond with her newborn daughter Carene Credit: © Newsteam / SWNS Group

A mother has taken on Facebook after a photo of her breastfeeding her severely premature daughter for the first time was removed for breaching nudity guidelines.

Emma Bond, 24, from Oswestry in Shropshire, posted the image on Friday but soon received a notification saying that "someone reported your photo for containing nudity".

Outraged that anyone could take offence at her sharing the "magical moment," Emma posted the photo and her story to a breastfeeding group.

The photo has been liked almost a quarter of a million times and Emma has since received hundreds of messages of support from around the world..

Emma's daughter, Carene, was born on 3rd October weighing just 2lbs 2oz.

"We were told to get the priest in. She wasn't meant to last past her third day," Emma said. But despite all the odds, Carene survived and Emma wanted to share the first moment her daughter was able to breastfeed.

Baby Carene was born 12 weeks premature and was not expected to make her third day Credit: © Newsteam / SWNS Group

Since the photo of Carene went viral, Facebook has changed its stance and reinstated the photo.

A spokesperson for Facebook said breastfeeding photos have never been against the firm's Community Standards, but nipples had to be covered or concealed.

Facebook says it has since modified the way it reviews reports of nudity to better examine the context of the photo or image.

Emma said she is glad her campaign has had a "positive impact" but said it "shouldn't take thousands of people to make a stand for that to happen.

"I still haven't got an explanation or apology," she added.