No clowning: French town 'bans clowns' after series of attacks

A file photo of a creepy clown. Credit: Reuters

A French mayor has banned his citizens from wearing clown fancy dress in public - especially during the Halloween period.

Mayor Pierre Dudieuzere, from the town of Vendargues in southern France, made the call after a series of incidents around France in which people dressed as scary clowns spooked children and in several cases assaulted people.

The phenomenon has spread on Facebook during the past few weeks, with groups tracking clown sightings across the country.

But Vendargues, with 6,000 inhabitants, is apparently the first town to ban clowning around.

Terrifying 'Clowns' like this one are turning up all over France. Credit: Via Facebook

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The ruling, posted on the town's website, said the ban is "absolute" tomorrow night, Halloween, and will be in force throughout November for everyone aged 13 and older.

The UK had a problem with creepy clowns in Northampton last year. Credit: Northampton's Clown Facebook page

In the UK, a creepy clown gained a worldwide online following last year by just standing motionless in the street. The 'Northampton Clown' denied trying to scare anyone, saying his act was just a "bit of fun."