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West Indies will survive latest contract row scandal, says legendary batsman Brian Lara

Brian Lara thinks the matter will be resolved. Photo: PA

West Indies cricketing legend Brian Lara says the nation's team will survive its latest crisis.

The national team cancelled a tour of India over a dispute regarding a payment deal.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) say they will sue their West Indian counterparts for £26.2million for not fulfilling their commitments in the country.

The West Indies back out of a tour of India. Credit: Reuters

If the BCCI were to get the full amount it would more than likely bankrupt the West Indies, but Lara isn't too concerned.

"I don't think the BCCI will be that severe on us," Lara told BBC Sport.

"I believe West Indies cricket will be alive. I don't think anybody has the intention to end our game.

"We've got some of the best talents in the world, so I believe West Indies cricket is going to survive and it's now about how we take this forward."

Darren Sammy, left, recently refused to discuss the premature end to the tour. Credit: Reuters

This is far from the first time contract rows have happened to the West Indies, leaving Lara bemused by the fact they haven't been able to learn from their previous failings.

"There are implications and I believe the West Indies Cricket Board have found themselves in this situation because they have not learned from the past," said Lara.

"There have been many little quarrels between players and board but it's the first time they are perhaps facing something as severe as this."