Man rescued after clinging to cooler for two days at sea

Footage of fisherman who held on to a cooler for 2 days in the open ocean captured on film Credit: Reuters

A man stranded at sea for two days was found floating on a foam cooler in the open ocean off Colombia's Pacific coast.

The man identified as Solano Salazar, had apparently gone out fishing with a companion on Friday, but two days later they capsized and he was sent drifting in the open sea.

Video from the navy, which has no audio, shows the moment when coast guard sailors found the man floating in the ocean. The navy were running drills in the area at the time:

The Colombian national navy posted a picture of the rescue on Twitter, hailing their ship ARC Narino a "miracle" for retrieving the 47-year-old fisherman.

Salazar said he was doing well now that he is back on dry land.

The commander of Colombia's Pacific Coast Guard, Captain Andres Mejia, said:

His companion is reportedly still missing.