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UK urged to ban 'racist and sexist' dating instructor who urges men to 'just grab' girls

More than 76,000 people have signed an online petition urging the UK Home Office to refuse entry to a so-called 'pick-up artist' accused of violent and abusive tactics such as threatening women with weapons and forcibly pushing their heads into his crotch.

His controversial techniques also allegedly include threatening to commit suicide, injuring pets, isolating women from friends and family and treating them "like servants".

According to the petition, Julien Blanc – an instructor for US-based Real Social Dynamics – is due to conduct a seminar in the UK, just days after being kicked out of Australia for the content of his talks.

A video published online shows him conducting one such seminar, urging men in the audience not to bother being ‘polite’ to Japanese women – but just to “grab girls and shove their head” into their crotch.

Julien Blanc conducts seminars claiming to offer 'pick-up advice' - but which campaigners say amounts to sexual assault Credit:

“At least in Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want,” he said, to laughter from the group.

The speech is also littered with apparently racist content, saying the girls will be happy with the situation as long as you “yell Pikachu, or Pokemon or Tamagotchi or something” and mocking their accents.

His website,, boasts about his ability to “manage [a girl’s] expectations” to allow men to cheat, and how other men “would go to jail” for the things he says.

Meanwhile, images posted by the #TakeDownJulienBlanc social media campaign appear to show him sharing tips on using emotional abuse, financial control and even physical threats to get a girl. He is also accused of leading a social media campaign called #ChokingGirlsAllAroundTheWorld, featuring graphic images of him with his hands around women's throats.

The petition claims he is due to perform in the UK on November 21 - though the RSD free tour site says November 27 - and appeals to Home Secretary Theresa May to deny him entry to the country.

His website boasts that other men 'would go to jail' for the things he says Credit:

We petition you to deny Julien Blanc a UK Visa when his tour reaches the UK on November 21st.

He and his association - Real Social Dynamics - promote sexist, racist and criminal approaches to women.

Please help British women stand with the women of Australia, the women of America, and women everywhere, and do not let the UK play host to events where men are being taught how to violate and harass women under the guise of 'dating advice'. To allow this man into the UK legitimises sexual assault and predation, and sends a message that women are playthings or objects without agency.

– petition

A Home Office spokesman said they were aware of the petition, adding:

All visa applications are considered on their individual merits in line with the immigration rules.

The Home Secretary has the power to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.

– Home Office spokesman
An Instagram image, apparently posted by Blanc, urges men to use economic and emotional abuse, as well as threatening violence Credit: Facebook/Take-Down-Julien-Blanc

A similar petition has also been launched in Canada,attracting more than 46,000 signatures.

Blanc was forced to cut his tour of Australia short last week after protests, and left the country several weeks early.

Women’s groups have also spoken out against the organisation.

Sarah Green from the UK’s End Violence Against Women Coalition urged the Home Secretary to listen to the petition - but warned the seminars were indicative of a much deeper problem.

We hope the Home Office will look at all the evidence available about Julien Blanc’s activities and refuse him a visa.

His so-called pick up coaching promotes behavior amounting to sexual harassment and sexualassault. His comments and abuse of Asian women are deeply racist.

More broadly, Julien Blanc is part of a culture which trivialises abuse of women and racism. At worst this tells victims of abuse that what has happened to them doesn’t matter, and gives potential abusers the nod that such behaviour will not be taken seriously.

We need an urgent public conversation about why a man like this can find a market and profit from the peddling of such vile misogyny.

– Sarah Green, campaigns manager for End Violence Against Women Coalition

It comes just days after self-styled comedian 'Dapper Laughs' - real name Daniel O'Reilly - had a second series of his ITV show dropped and cancelled his tour after a nationwide backlash against his act, which included telling a woman in the audience at one show that she was "gagging for a rape".

ITV News has contacted both Blanc and Real Social Dynamics for comment.

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