Frankie-Rose's family raise funds for treatment without having to sell home

Cancer sufferer Frankie-Rose will now be able to get the treatment she needs after funds were raised. Credit: ITV

The family of seven-year-old brain cancer victim Frankie-Rose Lea has raised over £175,000 for proton beam therapy treatment just days after launching an appeal for help from the public.

The family thought they may have to sell their home to pay for Frankie's treatment but the £110,000 they needed and a bit more has been raised after just four days via their fundraising page.

Frankie'Rose's fundraising page raised over 3175,000 in just four days. Credit: gofundme

Speaking exclusively to ITV News' Ronke Phillips, Mrs Lea said Frankie-Rose's symptoms were originally dismissed as growing pains but doctors have now said her best chance of survival is to get the specialist treatment abroad.

But the family want the NHS to make proton beam therapy available in the UK.

Frankie-Rose started chemotherapy in August but since then her tumour has tripled in size and spread to her spine and doctors do not expect her to live beyond Christmas without specialist treatment.