New images show moment Philae landed on comet

The series of photos capture the 30 minutes since Philae touched the comet last Wednesday. Credit: ESA

These incredible images show the moment the Philae probe dropped from its satellite and first landed on Comet 67P five days ago.

The high-resolution shots, taken by the Rosetta satellite's narrow-angle camera, capture the 30 minutes since the probe touched down on the comet's surface.

The dishwasher-sized craft bounced twice before coming to rest more than half a mile from its original landing site.

On Friday things came to a standstill after it ran out of power when its batteries died as it lay in the shadow of a crater wall.

Scientists do not know its exact location at this point.

Despite that, the mission has been hailed a success as it is the first spacecraft to ever land on a comet.

From now on, no contact will be possible unless enough sunlight falls on the solar panels to generate enough power to wake it up.

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