CCTV shows terrifying moment man is almost crushed in a smash between a car and a truck

The man was nearly crushed in the smash Credit: Reuters/CCTV

The terrifying moment a pedestrian was almost killed in a crash between two cars and truck has been caught on camera.

The lucky man narrowly escaped with his life after managing to dodge as two of the vehicles spun out of control and almost crushed him.

The video shows the man crossing the road at an intersection in China’s Zhejiang Province, when two cars enter the crossroads from different directions.

They swerve to avoid a head-on collision – but a truck barrels through the middle, smashing into one of the cars and almost toppling over onto the terrified pedestrian.

The man started running as he saw the smash unfold just a few feet away - but would have been crushed underneath had the driver not managed to right the vehicle as it threatened to tip over in the smash.

Afterwards, the video shows him stood stunned in the middle of the road for several seconds, before checking on the driver of the car.

The moment the man realised what was happening Credit: Reuters/CCTV
The car suffered extensive damage after being hit by the truck Credit: Reuters/CCTV

Traffic police officer Yang Hui said the man had been very fortunate.

Both the car and the truck were damaged in the crash, though no injuries were reported.

Debris can be seen littered across the road after the crash Credit: Reuters/CCTV
The truck also suffered some damage Credit: Reuters/CCTV