Fifa whistleblower: I fear for my safety

Credit: ITV News

A Fifa whistleblower fears for her safety after making allegations about corruption in the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid.

Phaedra Al-Majid, says she fears for her safety after her name was revealed and believes that her testimony was discredited in an effort to stop others from speaking out and to intimidate her into silence.

ITV News Sports Editor Steve Scott reports:

She claims she was coerced into signing an affidavid retracting her claims of corruption surrounding the bid - and also alleges she has secret recordings which prove the deal exists.

An investigation into the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid has cleared them on any wrong doing, but the FBI has announced it is 'stepping up' its own investigation into corruption at Fifa.

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FIFA and Hans-Joachim Eckhart have not yet responded to requests for comment.