Madeleine McCann investigation: Robert Murat 'to be questioned again'

Robert Murat is expected to be questioned again in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, ITV News understands.

Speaking to ITV News this morning, Mr Murat confirmed that he had only learned of the news through Portuguese media reports.

Portuguese newspapers today published claims that Murat will be spoken to in the coming weeks.

This has also been confirmed to ITV News sources.

Murat won substantial libel damages from a number of media outlets after he was named as an arguido or suspect in the case in 2007.

He has always denied any involvement.

Robert Murat is one of seven people to be identified as a 'person of interest'. Credit: PA Wire

Murat is said to be one of seven people to be spoken to as a "person of interest".

His wife, Michaela Walczuck, and her former husband, Luis Antonio, are also understood to be on a list of people identified to give statements to the inquiry run by British police.

The people of interest and four witnesses were expected to be questioned in Faro next week.

However, due to legal difficulties those interviews have now been postponed.