The unlucky lottery winner who lost everything

Fomer lottery winner Lara Griffiths Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

Lara Griffiths almost lost everything after winning the lottery, but says she does not regret taking home the top prize.

The mum of two told Good Morning Britain every penny of their winnings had gone after a combination of bad investments, a fire at the family home and the recession tore through the family.

The 44-year-old is now divorced from Roger, from the husband she won the £1.8 million with, and says even though she does not regret playing, she is bitter about some of what she lost.

The west Yorkshire couple bought a £800,000 barn conversion with their winnings, along with a £28,000 Porsche Carrera and a £24,000 Lexus 4x4.

The family took holidays in some luxurious locations, including Dubai, New York and Monaco.

Disaster struck on New Years Eve 2010, when a fire - which started in the utility room of their home - swept through the property, gutting it.

The couple were underinsured and had the added cost of paying for temporary accommodation for the seven months it took for their home to be repaired

The accident put a strain on both of them - but Lara was still sure they were okay.

However, shortly afterwards Lara some questionable emails on Roger's computer and accused him of having an affair. He denied it, but revealed he had borrowed against the family home, that all money their money was gone - spelling the end of their 14 year marriage.

Lara and her two children are settled in Harrogate, and the beautician says she is still hopeful she will win the lottery one day and admits she still plays "sometimes".