Together again: Cat owner reunited with beloved pet after 10 years of searching

David Allison with Percy Credit: PA

A heartbroken cat lover who feared his beloved pet was gone forever has been reunited with him more than 10 years after he went missing.

David Allinson, from Henlow in Bedfordshire, said he was devastated when Percy disappeared in June 2003.

He spent hours combing the streets, distributing leaflets and putting adverts in the local newspaper – but said the only people who responded were cruel hoaxers.

I was devastated when Percy went missing and did all I could to try and find him, but as the years went by I truly believed I would never see him again.

David Allinson
Percy had wandered 15 miles away to another village Credit: Google Maps

But then, against the odds, a work colleague contacted him one day to say Percy had been living with her neighbour.

It emerged that Percy had wandered 15 miles down the road to neighbouring village Cockayne Hatley, and befriended an elderly lady.

When the woman died, her neighbour Ruth Hart took pity on him and took him in – but a scan revealed the true identity of Percy’s owner.

After I called Ruth, we arranged a meeting so I could reunite with Percy.

David Allinson
Percy had found a new home 15 miles away Credit: PA

Not wanting to disrupt Percy – who is now 15 – any further,Mr Allison decided to leave him with Mrs Hart and her family, visiting once a month.

Mrs Hart said she also sends Mr Allinson regular pictures.

It is lovely having kept Percy in the village and wealways look forward to David visiting.

Ruth Hart, new owner