Ashya King's parents care fears over UK return

Brett and Naghmeh King

The parents of five-year-old cancer patient Ashya King have told Good Morning Britain they are "scared" to return to the UK as they fear their son could be taken into care.

Brett and Naghmeh King sparked an international search and were arrested after they removed Ashya from Southampton hospital in August without medical consent.

Their son is now making good progress after his parents took him to receive proton therapy treatment in Prague.

Speaking from Spain, where the family are currently living, Mr King said: "There's a real fear that we have regarding Ashya. We don't really know what social services and the NHS still have in store for us.

"They've never come forward and said 'it's been a mistake, we'd never do it again'."

The couple faced a protracted legal battle to get their son to Prague for the specialist treatment, with a High Court judge only approving the move after they had been released from police custody in Spain.

Ashya with his mother Naghmeh King Credit: Family handout

Commenting on her son's progress following the treatment, Mrs King said: "He's so much better actually. He's got a lot more strength in his arms and his legs and he's communicating with us because he can hear us and he can see us so he' s so much better now.

"We're really happy with him and the fact that he is saying a few words as well. He's just improving each day."

The couple agreed it had all been worth it but said they were really shocked at their treatment after they took their son from Southampton Hospital.

Mrs King said: "It was really difficult because we didn't know why this was all happening. We just thought we'd taken him out of one hospital and we had gone to get treatment somewhere else.

"We never thought this was all going to happen but it was a real shock to us especially when we were separated from him for three days and we went to prison - that was like someone just coming to take your heart out and just tearing it apart ."