Cameron: Samantha and I share out our household chores

The Prime Minister has said he and wife Samantha share the household chores between them Credit: PA

At the end of a long day running the country, the Prime Minister has revealed he hangs up his campaign shoes and policy briefcase to shoulder his share of the household chores.

David Cameron says he and his wife Samantha, who have three children, “take turns” to tackle the daily tasks at their Oxfordshire constituency home.

And tonight, he will be giving Nancy, Elwen and Florence a taste of his skills as a chef, too.

The PM revealed more about his home life during a tour of the Dyson factory in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, to mark the company’s pledge to invest £1 billion into research and development.

In the market? David Cameron refused to reveal whether he has any Dyson products at home Credit: PA

He was asked by reporters whether it was he or his wife responsible for the vacuuming in their home.

Samantha Cameron was previously the creative director at stationary company Smythson of Bond Street. Credit: PA

He also admitted they used a variety of appliances – but would not be drawn on whether any of them were Dyson-branded.

Until the 2010 General Election result put her husband in the country’s hot seat, Mrs Cameron was the creative director at stationary company Smythson of Bond Street.

Following the formation of the coalition, she took on a part-time consultancy role.