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Reporter smacked in the head by rogue skateboard on camera

A reporter was blindsided by an errant skateboard which smacked him squarely in the back of the head while shooting a piece to camera.

Video courtesy of Channel Seven Australia

Mike Amor, the US bureau chief for Channel Seven Australia, was filming a piece to camera at a skate park in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.

The camera pulls away from a skater performing some basic stunts to focus on Amor – but just a few seconds later, a riderless board flew up from the rink and have him a hefty whack.

Impending doom: The moment before impact Credit: Channel Seven Australia

But, a seasoned professional, Amor refrained from uttering any expletives and soon waved away those coming to his aid, telling them: “I’m good, I’m good.”

He then returned to filming his piece to camera.

A seasoned professional, Amor quickly went back to filming Credit: Channel Seven Australia

Amor has worked as a TV journalist for the past 25 years, being posted out to Haiti, Indonesia, Libya and New York, where he reported on the September 11 attacks.