Ferguson: The decision, the protests, and the challenge now facing America

Protests have continued in numerous American cities Credit: Reuters

The sense of grievance is still growing among African-Americans in Ferguson. Many say they feel like the whole criminal justice system is stacked against them.

From coast to coast, in numerous American cities, the angry demonstrations, the confrontations with police, the demand for racial equality, are all continuing.

For the first time, the police officer involved in the most controversial shooting in a generation has come forward and told his side of the story.

Darren Wilson - who is not being charged with any crime - has described the moment when he says the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown charged at him. Officer Wilson insists he had no choice, and says his conscience is clear.

A protester jumps on an American flag Credit: Reuters

Michael Brown's mother said she is shocked that Wilson is showing no regret, let alone remorse.

Back at Ground Zero, here in Ferguson, we watched as the National Guard deployed overnight to try and restore calm. The army on the streets is a sign of the gravity of the challenge that now faces America.