Green Party leader Natalie Bennett: Drugs misuse a 'health issue' not a 'criminal one'

Natalie Bennett speaks during Leaders Live Credit: Bite Channel/ITV News

The UK needs to treat drug misuse as a health issue and not a criminal one, leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett has said.

Speaking during the first Leaders Live debate, Natalie Bennett said that the "war on drugs had failed" and that a debate in Parliament was needed on the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.

Ms Bennett was the first of five major political party leaders to take part in Bite the Ballot's Leaders Live Q&A campaign.

The Green Party leader spoke about education, the environment, the economy and health issues. She said her party would abolish zero-hours contracts and "get rid" of state funded faith schools in a frank exchange with the studio audience.

Broadcast live on YouTube and shared across social media by key personalities, Leaders Live is a bid to get politicians engaging directly with young voters.

Ms Bennett is followed by Nigel Farage (Ukip), Ed Miliband (Labour), David Cameron (Conservative) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats).

Each of the leaders will be grilled by a panel of celebrities including entrepreneur Jamal Edwards and singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle as well as YouTubers like Hannah Witton and Harry Hitchens.

You can ask your own questions before and during each Q&A using the #LeadersLive tag.

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