Is Britain still British owned?

Tonight investigates foreign ownership in the UK

Some of our best loved British brands, including HP Sauce, Heathrow Airport and Cadbury are now foreign owned.

A third of the UK's infrastructure including energy and transport is owned overseas.

And of the top British quoted companies in the UK, more than half the investment in those companies is by foreign investors.

Some argue that it is vital for our jobs and wages that Britain remains such an attractive place for foreign investment.

Others are concerned that we have given up control of the country's "crown jewels".

4 of the UK’s so called “big six” energy suppliers are foreign owned, including the state owned French firm EDF

One of the most controversial foreign takeovers in recent years was the sale of British confectionary maker Cadbury.

For decades, Cadbury was known for the generous conditions and social benefits it provided for its workforce.

But the acquisition of the firm in 2010 was met with anger and disappointment by many workers.

And Kraft later closed Cadbury's Bristol factory, in spite of an earlier promise to keep it open.

Kraft Food, now rebranded as Mondelez International, says it is planning a 75 million pound investment which would secure the future of the Bournville factory in Birmingham and the next generation of manufacturing.

But while Cadbury is still a well loved brand, it is no longer a British company in its own right.

That has led to accusations from the Unite Union that the government is "impotent" in being able to deal with foreign acquisitions.

In the car industry foreign investment has helped to save and create jobs.

Jaguar Land Rover was bought by the Indian group TATA five years ago, and has since enjoyed record success.

Former Director General of the CBI Lord Digby Jones is a corporate ambassador for the firm.

He says JLR's story proves that firms can still be British, even if they are no longer British owned.

Lord Digby Jones is a former Director General of the CBI and was UK Trade & Investment Minister from 2007-2008
Many of the buildings on the London skyline are foreign owned

Currently the Government can only intervene in takeovers when national security, financial stability or media plurality are threatened.

But the Business Secretary Vince Cable would like the powers to go further.

The Business Secretary Vince Cable would like extra powers over certain takeover deals

Britain is also a major investor in companies overseas, making it one of the biggest spenders when it comes to foreign investment.

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