The 10 most searched-for celebrities of 2014, according to Bing

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The untimely deaths of TV presenter Peaches Geldof and Hollywood star Robin Williams made them Britain's most-searched-for celebrities of the year, according to Bing.

The Microsoft-owned search engine has revealed which people and places piqued Brits' curiosity in 2014.

  • 10 Beyonce

  • 9 Katy Perry

  • 8 Ariana Grande

  • 7 Miley Cyrus

  • 6 Kim Kardashian

  • 5 Justin Bieber

  • 4 Paul Walker

  • 3 Jennifer Lawrence

  • 2 Robin Williams

  • 1 Peaches Geldof


The loss of Robin Williams in August gripped us: nearly half of all UK searches for the much-loved comedian came from smartphones, as audiences looked back at favourite Williams moments and quotes.

Hunger Games beauty Jennifer Lawrence drummed up the third-most searches in her category, while another tragic celebrity - Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker, who was killed in a car accident almost a year ago today - rounded out the top four.

Recently engaged tennis champion Andy Murray was the nation's most-searched-for sportsman this year, followed by troubled South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius, while boy band One Direction and pop singer Justin Bieber were the music acts that captured most attention.