Prince Harry turns trading floor blue at A-list charity event in the City

Prince Harry jokes with a trader in fancy dress as he took to the trading floor at ICAP's annual charity day Credit: Pool

Prince Harry embraced the traditional macho image of the bawdy broker on a charity visit to a City trading firm today when he made a joking chest grab for a male employee in a Heidi costume.

The 30-year-old monarch, dressed the part in a slick blue suit, took to the trading floor at ICAP, where he was joined by employees in fancy dress.

Broker Rupert Summers, who was wearing blonde pigtails and a milkmaid uniform, curtseyed for the Prince, who responded by making a "grabbing" motion at the man's chest.

"Don't try and chat me up - that's really weird," Harry jokingly told Mr Summers.

In another awkward moment, the Prince was ushered into a photocall with two scantily-clad young women on the red carpet.

He warily shook their hands before turning to one of his aides to ask, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

However, Harry put in a smooth performance on the trading floor and managed to raise thousands of pounds for Prostate Cancer UK, along with a host of celebrities, including Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Simon Cowell, Damian Lewis and Helen Mirren.

At one point, Harry had a phone at each ear as he berated a buyer and a seller as he tried to make a deal on the Foward Euro desk.

While Harry looked smart in a suit, all the brokers wore fancy dress from comic book heroes Credit: PA

He told them simultaneously, "Listen, you're both taking the mickey now", before closing the deal with the words, "Buying Euro at 44? Done".

Actress Helen Mirren gets into the spirit at the ICAP charity event Credit: PA

Alexander Blayney commented: "He is a better broker than I am, put it that way. It was natural class, natural talent."

Damian Lewis with one of the ICAP brokers dressed as Heidi Credit: PA

Harry bumped into Homeland star Lewis, who is one of the main supporters of Prostate Cancer UK, and called out to the actor, "I see another ginger."

Lewis replied: "What's it like to be the second most famous redhead then?"

Actress Gemma Arterton cuts a deal on the floor Credit: PA

Last year, the company's charity day raised £9.5 million for good causes and it has generated more than £110 million since it was first held in 1993.

Jamie Oliver looks like he's negotiating a price at the ICAP event Credit: PA