Rollercoaster takes buyers around prospective home

A prospective buyer begins his journey into the home. Credit: Verder met Wonen/YouTube

In what must be every child's dream, a house in the Netherlands has had a rollercoaster installed to show potential buyers around.

Estate agents in the Netherlands released a video showing prospective owners on the bumpy tour around the property.

The ride appears to have been a little bumpy at times. Credit: Verder met Wonen/YouTube

In it, clients are invited to step into a wooden carriage before being taken on a brisk tour.

One man was clearly delighted by the experience. Credit: Verder met Wonen/YouTube

They are then met with announcements over loudspeakers detailing the features of the villa as they pass them.

Viewers were greeted with descriptions of the home via loudspeaker. Credit: Verder met Wonen/YouTube

The video is part of the a new advertising campaign for Abn-Amro's Huizenpromoter (House Promoter), and has already been watched hundreds of thousands of times since its release on Sunday.