Britain set to build £15 billion military base in Bahrain

Type 45 destroyers could be among the ships deployed to the UK's new Bahrain base Credit: Chris Ison/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Britain is set to build a new £15 billion military base in Bahrain as part of a deal to increase security in the Gulf region.

As part of the deal the UK will send more warships to the Mina Salman Port to join the four mine-hunters which are already permanently based there.

Ships expected to be deployed to the new base will include destroyers and aircraft carriers.

Under the agreement the infrastructure costs of expanding Britain's existing naval facilities in the area, and the creation of a new operating base in the port, will be paid for by Bahrain with the UK paying ongoing running costs.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond signed the deal confirming the military's investment in the area with Bahrain's foreign minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa.

He said: "The expansion of Britain's footprint builds upon our 30-year track record of Gulf patrols and is just one example of our growing partnership with Gulf partners to tackle shared strategic and regional threats."