Tulisa: I pretended I was fine over drugs allegations

Tulisa Contostavlos said she 'pretended' to be fine to survive the drugs allegations that threatened to destroy her career. Credit: Doug Peters/Doug Peters/Empics Entertainment

Tulisa Contostavlos said she never let herself believe she was "finished forever" and "pretended I was fine" to survive the drugs allegations that threatened to destroy her career.

The former X Factor judge's trial over allegations she brokered a cocaine deal collapsed earlier this year after the judge said there were "strong grounds" to believe tabloid journalist Mazher Mahmood lied in the witness box.

Contostavlos said in an interview with the Sunday Mirror magazine Notebook that she did not want to see a counsellor, despite the stress it caused, and just "ignored the problem".

Tulisa Contostavlos hugged supporters after her trial collapsed. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images

I pretended I was fine. If I'd opened up to a counsellor, then the thought becomes real.

Tulisa Contostavlos

The former N-Dubz singer is making a comeback with her new single - Living Without You.

"If I'd let myself believe I was finished forever, then I would have been," Tulisa told the magazine. "I just thought I will come back, bigger and better."

Addressing criticism of the cosmetic work she has had to her face, Contostavlos said: "I'd always wanted my lips done, but never did because of the fear of what people would think.

"And now I'm so comfortable in my own skin, I just went for it. I never intended to get fillers in my cheeks, but when it was mentioned to me I thought I'd give it a whirl."