Anni Dewani's uncle: 'This process is not over yet'

Ashok Hindocha said the family will discuss their options with lawyers in the coming weeks. Credit: ITV News/Skype

Anni Dewani's uncle has told ITV News her family will meet with lawyers in the coming weeks to consider potential further legal action against Shrien Dewani after murder charges against him were dismissed in South Africa.

Speaking via the internet, Ashok Hindocha - brother of Anni's father Vinod - refused to give any details on the precise course of action planned by the family, but insisted "this process is not over yet".

Ami Denborg, Anni Dewani's sister, outside court yesterday. Credit: Reuters

"We need a closure and we are not giving up. We need back our sleep - in four years there have been many, many sleepless nights."

He accused Shrien Dewani of lying "from day one" about his sexuality and said the businessman should have made to testify during his trial.

Shrien Dewani was accused of planning his wife's murder on their honeymoon.

"Unfortunately, I get the feeling that Anni did not get a fair trial in South Africa," he added.

He also had a heartfelt message of thanks to people who had supported the family during the years since Anni's death - and said the murdered bride had now become a "global daughter".