Cheese lorry explodes on M1

A cheese lorry shown on fire on the M1 last night. Credit: Max Earey/Twitter

Drivers on the M1 have faced long delays today after a cheese lorry exploded.

One Twitter user, Max Earey, caught the dramatic blaze on camera after being stuck in traffic behind it at Junction 18 near Crick in Northamptonshire.

He told the BBC: "I could see something on fire in the distance but cars were still getting by - then a couple of lorries stopped to hold the traffic back as they could tell it might get a whole lot worse, which it did."

Motorists Stuart Griffith and Chris Dominy also caught the blaze on their camera phones and sent this footage to ITV News:

Fire crews attended the scene last night, and the Highways Agency said staff were still to repair damage caused by the blaze today, prompting further delays.

Noone was hurt in the incident.