Naming rights to biggest unnamed Martian crater go under the hammer on eBay

Bidding currently stands at $1,025 (around £653). Credit: eBay

Anyone who has ever fancied having a country named after them could be in luck, as the naming rights to a Florida-sized piece of real estate has gone under the hammer on eBay.

The only downside they would never be able to visit their namesake property - as it's a 390 mile-wide crater on the surface of Mars.

Bidding currently stands at $1,025 (around £653).

The largest unnamed crater on the Uwingu Mars map - the official map used by the private Mars One project - is being offered up to the highest bidder to mark 50 years since the first mission to the planet was launched by NASA in 1964.

The project was launched in February Credit: Uwingu

Uwingu is lead by former NASA scientist Dr Alan Stern as a crowd-funding project designed to raise a target of $10 million (£6.4m) to help fund space research in the face of severe budget cuts.

It supports the National Space Society in its research and missions to extend the remit of space travel.

All money raised by the online auction will be given to the society.