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Dick Cheney slams US Senate's CIA report as 'full of crap'

A former US Vice President has condemned a shocking report into the interrogation techniques used by the CIA, saying bluntly that it was "full of crap".

Dick Cheney, who held the post from 2001 to 2009 under President George Bush, said the US Senate's massive 6,000-page report - of which just a 525-page summary has been released - was "deeply flawed".

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Dick Cheney has called the report 'a terrible piece of work' Credit: Fox News

Speaking to Fox News, he also argued that the agency deserved "a lot of credit", rather than condemnation, for what they had done.

I think it's a terrible piece of work. It seems to me it's deeply flawed.

They didn't bother to interview key people in the programme, and I think that it's a classic example - which you see too often in Washington - where they get together and throw the professionals under the bus.

What happened there was that we asked the agency to go take steps which were designed to catch the b*****ds who killed 3,000 of us on 9/11, and make sure that didn't happen again, and that's exactly what they did.

They deserve a lot of credit, not the condemnation they received.

– Dick Cheney
Detainees watched by military police at Camp X-Ray, 2002. Credit: Reuters

He went on to discuss the capture and treatment of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, adding:

He [was] in our possession, we know he’s the architect, and what are we supposed to do? Kiss him on both cheeks and say ‘Please, please, tell us what you know?’ Of course not.

We did exactly what needed to be done in order to catch those who were guilty on 9/11 and to prevent a further attack and we were successful on both parts.

– Dick Cheney

When Fox News' Special Report anchor Bret Baier reminded him that the report claimed the CIA had not, in fact, been successful, Cheney replied:

The report is full of crap.

– Dick Cheney
Cheney added that then-President Bush was kept 'fully informed' of what was going on Credit: Fox News

He also dismissed claims that then-President Bush was not aware of what was going on, saying he had been "fully informed".

The report has sparked worldwide condemnation after exposing the nature of the "enhanced interrogation techniques" used by the CIA against its detainees.

These included suspects being:

  • Shackled to the wall and given buckets for human waste
  • Subjected to involuntary "rectal feeding" or "rectal hydration" without any documented medical need
  • Subjected to several days' continuous sleep deprivation - often while standing
  • Waterboarded to the stage of "near-drownings"
  • Held in confinement boxes - intended to look like coffins - for several hours
  • Threatened with harm and sexual assault of family members

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