Test your 'unconscious bias': How do you judge other people?

Credit: IAT

Unconscious bias means judging someone based on their appearance whether it be their age, build, gender or so on.

ITV's Tonight programme has been exploring how we judge people on their race, whether we mean to or not.

This test, compiled by Harvard University, shows what our unconscious biases are. But it is by no means an indicator of a person's true beliefs.

To find out what your unconscious biases are take the test here.

How to get to the test:

First change the ringed box to say United Kingdom and click 'GO!'

You will then be taken to a page called 'Implicit Association Test'. Simply click 'Go to the Demonstration Tests'.

A disclaimer notice will appear stating the results of any tests may be used in research. If you agree, click 'Knowing this, I wish to proceed'.

Then a 'Take a Demo Test' page will come up, where you can choose to take the Race test, among others such as Age and Gender.

Choose which test you want to take from the options above. Credit: IAT

This page will then appear and you can start the test by clicking 'Click here to Begin'.

Simply click to start the test. Credit: IAT

Once you have filled in details about yourself, you will then be asked to put a series of pictures into categories, using buttons on your keyboard.

The first stage of the test. Credit: IAT

Subsequently, the pictures will then be mixed up with words such as 'Good' or 'Bad'.

The quick response to the questions will test any unconscious bias you may hold (for example, if you wrongly associate a white face with the side marked 'Black People or Bad').

The speed of word association will test any unconscious bias. Credit: IAT

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