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Jessica Ennis-Hill: I'm glad I said how I felt over Ched Evans

Jessica Ennis-Hill Credit: ITV

Athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill has told ITV News she was glad she made a stand over convicted rapist Ched Evan's return to Sheffield United.

The 28-year-old, who said she was back in training ahead of the Olympics in 2016, told Sheffield United they would have to remove her name from a stand in her honour if they re-signed the convicted rapist.

She said: "I said what I wanted to say and how I felt. It wasn't about putting pressure on the club it was solely how I felt in that position being associated with the club.

"It was a bit of a stressful time but I'm glad I said what I felt."

During the interview, she also talked about combining being a new mother with training for next year and the 2016 Olympics. She gave birth to her first child Reggie in July.

"It's definitely full on. It's the busiest time of my life. Obviously trying to balance everything and then building back into training and preparing for next year and the year after with the Olympics there's a lot going on

"But i'm enjoying being back on the track and getting back to where I was."