Inspirational teenage fundraiser Stephen Sutton in Google's 'most searched' list

Stephen helped raise more than £5m for charity Credit: Stephen Sutton

Inspirational teenage cancer fundraiser Stephen Sutton joins the likes of Peaches Geldof and Robin Williams in Google UK's list of most searched-for high profile deaths this year.

The 19-year-old, from Burntwood in Staffordshire, died in May after his determined spirit and positive blog postings won the hearts of people around the world, who went on to donate more than £5 million to charity in his honour.

He became a household name after posting what he thought would be his final message - complete with his trademark 'thumbs up' pose - at the start of the year, as his health team warned him he had just days to live.

But, in a turnaround which baffled doctors, his condition took a remarkable turn for the better amid a wave of global support, and he survived an extra few weeks before finally succumbing to the bowel cancer he had fought since he was 15.

He placed at number 10 in Google's analysis of the losses which sparked the most searches this year.

Stephen died in May Credit: PA

Peaches Geldof topped the list, having been found dead at home in April after returning to heroin use, followed by comedian Robin Williams in second place.

Williams committed suicide at his California home in August.

Peaches Geldof and Robin Williams topped the list Credit: PA

The top 10 most-searched for losses were:

  • Peaches Geldof

  • Robin Williams

  • Rik Mayall

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman

  • Joan Rivers

  • Lynda Bellingham

  • Richard Attenborough

  • Bob Hoskins

  • Maya Angelou

  • Stephen Sutton