Student raises £13k for homeless man who offered her his last £3 to get home after night out

The fundraising page Credit: GoGetFunding

A university student is raising money for a homeless man who offered her his last £3 so she could get home safely after a night out.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen refused to take the man's only money but was so touched by his gesture that she set up the Help Robbie fund.

The fundraising page Credit: GoGetFunding

The University of Central Lancashire student, who graduated this month and has gone on to further study, has so far raised more than £13,000 with more than 2,250 people donating to the fund.

The money will be used to re-home Robbie, who has been on the streets for seven months, and get him the support he needs to get back into work.

Writing on Facebook, Ms Harrison-Bentzen said she had spoken to others who had told her about Robbie returning wallets and offering his scarf to others in the cold weather in Preston city centre.

She said: "I was lucky enough to find him again and his name is Robbie, he has been homeless for 7 months through no fault of his own and needs to get back on his feet but cannot get work due to having no address.

"So that's when I decided to change Robbie's life and help him, as he has helped many others."