E-cigarettes - a burning issue for the NHS

One NHS clinic has now started using e-cigarettes to get smoking rates down. Credit: PA

The move from tobacco to quitting can be helped by e-cigarettes according to a new scientific review.

It adds pressure for a change in government policy but comes as no surprise to recent ex smoker Paul Frearson.

He's had 30 years on 30 cigarettes a day.

I met him at the first NHS clinic to welcome electronic cigarettes as part of quitting and he told me that he thinks the health service now needs to more fully embrace the devices.

Study: 'Vaping' can double the odds of quitting smoking

The independent scientific review issued today by the Cochrane Library shows

- 9% that used e-cigarettes, quit smoking within a year- 36% halved the number of tobacco cigarettes

Despite authoritative evidence from independent experts, government policy remains static. it will neither recommend nor advise on e-cigarettes.

It's waiting for full clinic trails to be competed.

Experts behind today's new report describe it as "institutional uncertainty" and warn that it is already hampering research.

We still don't know all we should about e-cigarettes - but that has to be set against what we do know.....the real dangers of tobacco.