Parts of UK heading for White Christmas this year

Credit: PA

With a week to go the question is...will it be a White Christmas?

And the answer, for some of us, is yes.

We're flipping between mild and chilly air in the coming few days.

Christmas Day itself is looking interesting. Colder air will be seeping in bringing a chance of some sleet to the Midlands and the north - with any proper snow confined to hills of north Wales and Pennines northwards.

Elsewhere it's looking chilly, clear and crisp.

Rather than a blanket of lying snow, the bookies definition of a White Christmas is just one flake of snow so it could be game on for many northern cities.

It's between Boxing Day and New Years things could really keep us on our toes as it becomes even colder and the risk of snow increases, with details likely to change in the coming few days.

Ironically, this is likely to be the warmest year on record but will probably end on a cold, wintry note.