Pioneering surgery helps soldier who lost his legs walk again

Michael Swain with his three-year-old son Max. Credit: ITV News

A former British serviceman has been given a new lease on life thanks to a pioneering technique that attaches titanium rods directly to his bones.

Michael Swain lost both his lower legs after he was struck by a Taliban explosive device in Afghanistan five years ago.

He thought he was going to die and after surviving the blast and recovering, he had resigned himself to life in a wheelchair.

ITV News Correspondent Richard Pallot reports.

But now, after groundbreaking surgery, he can walk again.

It is a revolutionary development for amputees, meaning they can clip their prosthetic limbs straight into whatever bone remains in their leg or arm.

Michael pictured during his time in the Army.

Michael says the new limbs are so convenient they are even easier than tying shoelaces.

He can also play in the park with his son Max and says he is looking forward to doing so with his daughter in a few years' time.