Students prepare to return to school in Pakistan after massacre

Inside the school where 148 people were massacred. Credit: Rageh Omaar/ITV News

Pakistan is coming to the end of three days of mourning for the nearly 150 students and teachers murdered by Taliban militants at the army public school in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

This morning forensics teams sifted through the ruins of the administration building of the school where two of the attackers detonated their suicide vests as they attempted to kill the school's principal and teachers who were in the building.

One can still see the appalling and grisly devastation caused by their suicide attack.

Even more chilling is the sight in a number of the classrooms of the backpacks left by the students on their chairs as the attack began. It's an eerie moment frozen in time; the rucksacks still filled with the books and pencil cases as the students were about to leave class, when they must have heard the gunshots and fled, leaving their bags behind.

The bags of the children lie abandoned. Credit: Rageh Omaar/ITV News

Tonight, thousands of other students will be filling their rucksacks and laying out their uniforms as they prepare to go back to their schools after the three days of mourning.

It comes as the Pakistani government and security forces warn that terrorists are trying to target the buses and vehicles taking school children back to school.

Peshawar's Inspector General of Police, Nasser Khan Durrani told me that he and other security agencies were mindful of the fears and concerns of parents and teachers, and that they had met to co-ordinate their plans in order to ensure that schools will be safe in the coming days.