Carer's theft from Alzheimer's patient left daughter 'sick'

Annemarie Flanagan Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

A woman has told Good Morning Britain how she "felt sick" when she discovered a carer stealing from 90-year-old mother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

Annemarie Flanagan set up hidden cameras in her mother Monica's home after becoming suspicious that money was going missing.

The footage showed carer Sarah Leacy stealing from her elderly employer.

"I felt sick, literally sick when I saw the footage," Ms Flanagan said.

Sarah Leacy was found guilty of theft after being caught on camera stealing from her elderly client. Credit: ITV News

"I also felt relief because it had taken some time to get the footage but ultimately, absolutely disgusted with what had happened."

Leacy, 33, initially denied stealing the money, swearing on her "nan and granddad's ashes" that she had never taken the cash.

She was found guilty of theft and sentenced to 80 hours unpaid community work and told to pay £700 in costs.

Ms Flanagan said she did not feel guilty for installing a hidden camera to spy on Leacy because "we needed to find the evidence" or the police would not act.

"To be quite honest, I didn't suspect her. I do feel in hindsight, why didn't I suspect her?

"But I like to believe the best in people and a carer should be a carer," she explained.

"That's what she was there for - to care for my mum. She's got Alzheimer's."