Hackers 'mock' FBI investigation into Sony cyber attack

A group of hackers that have claimed to be responsible for breaking down Sony's security and leaking thousands of commercially sensitive files online have posted a message that appears to be mocking the FBI and their investigation.

The FBI and the US government have claimed that North Korea is behind the damaging cyber-attack that also included threatening movie theatres that were planning on showing the comedy The Interview, which ultimately succeeded in getting the North Korean-based assassination satire pulled from release.

The so-called Guardians of Peace have published a message online that appears to mock the FBI investigation and its initial findings:

The link leads to a video which repeats the phrase "you are an idiot" over an electronic dance music soundtrack.

According to The Daily Beast, leading cyber-security experts have questioned the capability of North Korea to carry out such a complex attack, saying that a lot of the FBI evidence that Pyongyang is behind the group would be "straightforward misdirection" for any suitably experienced hacker.

North Korea has also strenuously denied any involved but both the FBI and the White House maintain that the rogue nation is behind the mayhem.

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