Nigel Farage unhappy with 'Ukik' phone app created by teenagers

The fictional leader of the 'Ukik' party is called Nicholas Fromage. Credit: 'Ukik' app/Google Play

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has failed to see the humour in a phone app created by teenagers which pokes fun at him and his party's views on immigrants.

The 'Ukik' game features a party leader called Nicholas Fromage who gains high points for "racism" by kicking immigrants as far as he can off the White Cliffs of Dover.

In the description for the app, which was created by student developers at Canterbury Academy, users are told: "If you are feeling irrational and want to live in a right wing hell hole then vote UKIK this May. These people might improve our economy, contribute to our culture and make Britain great but they are different to us so let’s kick them all out!"

People who play the game get high points for kicking immigrants as far as possible. Credit: 'Ukik' app/Google Play

But Nigel Farage said the game was "risible and pathetic".

Mr Farage told Kent Online that while he accepted criticism as a public figure there were elements of the game, such as the use of the term "racism", which he found unacceptable.

He added: "I think I'm quite well known for having a sense of humour. I'm a public figure and of course people are going to have views. But elements of this game appear to cross the line."

Nigel Farage said 'elements' of the Ukik game 'appeared to cross the line'. Credit: 'Ukik' app/Google Play

However, the school's principal Phil Karnavas defended the app, which he says is a bit of fun to celebrate "brilliant, traditional British satire".

Mr Karnavas said: "Never has a British political party offered themselves so easily to satire. It's a bit rich, bearing in mind some of the things the members of Ukip have said, for their leader to say they have crossed the line.

"Mr Farage can't have it both ways. He cannot expect young people to engage in politics and then criticise what they say when they do."