Student reveals she was giggling baby in the Teletubbies sun

The baby in the sun ruled over Teletubbyland and giggled at their antics Credit: BBC

A student from Kent has outed herself as the giggling baby in the sun on the smash hit children's TV show Teletubbies.

Jess Smith, 19, said that while her close friends and family always knew about her starring role, she was "never interested" in telling anyone else.

The student from Chatham in Kent got the role in 1996 when she was just nine months old, and was paid just £250 and a box of toys.

The truth came out when she started university and was taking part in an 'ice-breaking' exercise.

Jess says she thinks she was chosen for the part because she was "more giggly than everyone else".

The Teletubbies sun baby (L) and Jess Smith now Credit: BBC/

Jess' revelation puts to bed rumours that the sun baby was in fact American actress, and Laguna Beach co-star, Jessica Smith.

Jess even posted a photo on Facebook showing the letter the production company sent to her parents before the film shoot.

A letter from Courtyard Productions confirmed Jess Smith was shortlisted for the part Credit:

Despite the years, Jess says that nothing much has changed since she was watching over the Teletubbies and laughing at their antics: