How UK aid workers fighting Ebola will spend Christmas

How aid worker Donna Wood will be spending her Christmas. Credit: ITV News

Donna Wood from Staffordshire has a husband and children back home.

But she will be spending her Christmas in Sierra Leone helping the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

The constant wear of protective suits to protect against infection in sweltering temperatures is gruelling, and that's just the physical challenge.

Already more than 2,500 people have died there from Ebola, leaving many children orphaned. And this Christmas many have nothing to wear and nothing to eat.

Aid worker Donna said: "I'm sad that I'm away from my family, but it's something I discussed with them before I came out here and I was prepared for.

"It's a worthy cause, the people here deserve the help that I can give them."

Donna, like more than 70 NHS volunteers who travelled to Sierra Leone, will spend Christmas Day in a British built Ebola centre like this.

Credit: ITV News

ITV News reporter Rebecca Barry has this report: