Amir Khan pledges to rebuild Peshawar school

Credit: ITV News

Amir Khan has pledged to help rebuild the Peshawar school where 132 children were massacred a week ago.

The two-time boxing world champion said it was the "least he could do" as he visited Pakistan.

He has even donated the £30,000 shorts he wore in the fight against Devon Alexander in Las Vegas to help their plight.

Khan said: "I've never donated any of my fighting shorts to anyone, so I decided to donate my last fight shorts to Peshawar and to rebuild the school and increase security around the area.

"Kids are really scared to go back to school again. They really need a bit of a confidence boost and hopefully they will go back to normal life."

The Taliban carried out the brutal attack on December 16 devastating the local community and shocking the world.

A total of 141 were killed including 132 children and nine teachers.

Students said militants reportedly wearing Pakistan army uniforms burst into the building and immediately opened fire.

Some children were wounded while others were killed on the spot. One student told how he played dead to avoid being killed.

And one teacher only learned her son was dead as she identified staff bodies.

Pakistan declared three days of mourning after the attack.

A child stands in front of candles lit for the victims of the Peshawar attack. Credit: Reuters