Customer accidentally leaves £6,000 tip at Nando's

It could have been costly Peri-Peri chicken for one Nando's customer after he accidentally left a £6,000 tip.

Businessman Aurel Lupsa mistakenly keyed in the figure as he paid on his credit card - for 100 times more than the £62.35 bill.

The telecoms director said he didn't notice anything was wrong until quick-thinking staff rushed over and corrected the mistake, refunding him a whopping £6,235.

The blunder happened while him and his family were out for a meal at the Brent Cross branch in north London on December 30.

Businessman Aurel Lupsa could have bought nearly 5,000 whole chickens for what he overpaid. Credit: SWNS

He said: "We eat at Nando's all the time. Just as we were leaving a member of staff came over and said there had been a mistake.

"I couldn't believe I had overpaid by more than £6000. I'm definitely going to pay more attention in the future."

Mr Aurel, of Barnet, north London added: "Thankfully, the mistake was spotted straight away, so I wasn't left broke and penniless or anything like that. It's good chicken, but it's not that good."

For £6,000 Mr Aurel could have bought an incredible 4,989 whole chickens, or 6,460 individual wings at Nando's.

Credit: SWNS