Labour set to launch 'save the NHS' election campaign

An online poster unveiled by Labour aims to place the Health Service at the centre of its general election campaign Credit: Labour Party/PA Wire

Labour will unveil its first campaign posters for the general election tomorrow focusing on the issue of national healthcare.

The online posters will be part of Labour's four-month campaign to "save the NHS" and make the claim that the health service "cannot survive another five years of the Tories."

At the same time as unveiling the posters the party is expected to publish a dossier claiming seven out of 15 patients' rights enshrined in the NHS constitution have been breached by the Conservatives.

Labour's election strategy chief Douglas Alexander is also expected to suggest that the current government would "put us on course for ever-longer waits for patients" if they continued in government.

He will say: "A Tory second term would put us on course for ever-longer waits for patients because they have no plan to give the NHS the cash it needs and want to take public spending back to 1930s levels."