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Woman whose red dress saved her life says she's lucky to be alive

Zoe Turner, 21, was wearing a skin-tight red dress that doctors said saved her life. Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

A young woman whose skin-tight red dress saved her life during a car crash has told Good Morning Britain she is lucky to be alive.

Zoe Turner, 21, was travelling with three friends after an office Christmas party when a cement mixer ploughed into the taxi they were in.

She told GMB, "It's just crazy how any of us walked out of that".

Zoe suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebra and broken sternum, but it could have been much worse.

Zoe Turner pictured with mum Sharon Turner and sister Jessica Turner in that red dress. Credit: SWNS

Doctors later told Zoe that the figure-hugging dress she wore that night stopped her bones popping out and perforating her vital organs.

When I got to hospital they put a brace around my pelvis and one of the doctors on the trauma team explained that the dress acted like this brace on my pelvis.

It kept all my fractured bones together and stopped them piercing my organs.

– Zoe Turner speaks to GMB

Zoe also revealed she wants to say thank you to a 19-year-old passerby who helped comfort her after the horrific crash.

"There was a boy there and he came and held my hand - he was just a passerby - and he was showing me how to breath," she said.

Zoe Turner pictured recovering from her injuries in hospital. Credit: SWNS

Although Zoe could not remember his name, she did remember where he was attending college and contacted them for help.

He has since got in touch with her on Facebook, and Zoe said she will be thanking him in person.