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'People come to A&E when they could take a paracetamol'

A doctor has blasted time-wasting patients who come to A&E when they could have taken a paracetamol to treat their illness.

Dr David Kirby, who works in Luton's A&E department, told ITV News: "People attend emergency departments up and down the country with conditions you or I would not even bother our GP with.

"The problem for us is we don't know that until we've actually seen the patient and know what the problem is".

It comes after NHS England revealed most A&E departments are failing to see patients within the government's four-hour waiting time target.

Dr Kirby said they were just about managing to meet that in Luton but he knew colleagues in other hospitals who were struggling.

"We're at about our limit in emergency departments. It really is at breaking point."

The fact that people are now living longer and can be treated for illnesses which would have killed them 20 years ago adds to the number of patients coming through emergency department doors.

Cuts to social care services have also been blamed for a surge in patients in A&E departments.

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