'We are all Charlie' - the French press reacts to Paris atrocity

The front page of left-wing paper Liberation proclaims 'We are all Charlie'. Credit: Liberation

The French press has responded with a series of striking images and headlines in response to yesterday's atrocity in Paris.

Left-wing paper Liberation chose a play on the 'Je Suis Charlie' motif that became wildly popular online with its front page saying 'We are all Charlie'.

The front page of conservative daily paper Le Figaro. Credit: Le Figaro

There was a notable similarity in tone despite the political allegiances of the papers concerned.

The conservative daily Le Figaro and the staunchly left-wing paper l'Humanite both chose headlines based on the idea of "freedom assassinated".

Left-wing daily l'Humanite chose a similar headline to Le Figaro. Credit: L'Humanite
Catholic paper La Croix chose a cartoon for its front page. Credit: La Croix

Catholic paper La Croix responded with a tribute-in-kind to the cartoonists murdered at Charlie Hebdo, with its own cartoon, captioned by the headline 'France Murdered'.

Le Telegramme put the names of some of the victims on its front page. Credit: Le Telegramme

Meanwhile Le Telegramme put the names of some of the victims on its front page with the word 'Assassinated' printed across them as if on an official dossier.

The front page of Courrier Picard. Credit: Courrier Picard