Schools have been closed and travel restrictions are in place as winds of more than 100mph sweep across Britain.

Amber warnings have been issued by the Met Office for the north and central belt of Scotland, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, as an Atlantic jet stream reaches land.

Gusts between 60mph and 70mph are expected in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, where the Met Office has put in place yellow "be prepared" warnings

The worst of the weather is due in the early hours of the morning with disruption expected during the morning rush-hour, particularly north of the border.

It is feared buildings could be damaged, trees uprooted and travel and power lines affected by the high winds, similar to those which caused widespread damage in 2013.

It is feared trees could be damaged by winds similar to those seen in 2013. Credit: Sophie Duval/EMPICS Entertainment

Forecasters said the 250mph jet stream would bring two "vigorous depressions" to the UK over the coming days.

Flood warnings are in place in central and northern Scotland and all schools in the Western Isles and Orkney have been closed as a precaution, with ferry and train timetables reduced because of the winds.