Backlash as Murdoch says Muslims should be 'held responsible' for 'jihadist cancer'

Rupert Murdoch has sparked a backlash for his comments on Twitter Credit: Twitter

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has sparked an online storm after suggesting all Muslims should be held responsible for the violence of jihadists.

The controversial figure, whose UK operations have included The Sun, The Times, Sky and the now-defunct News of the World, took to Twitter after three days of bloodshed in Paris.

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Al Quaeda has now claimed responsibility for the attacks - but Murdoch took to Twitter to argue that until the "growing jihadist cancer" had been destroyed by Muslims, they should take responsibility.

He then appeared to defend his stance, arguing that "political correctness" made for "denial and hypocrisy".

His comments have caused outrage on the social networking site, with many Muslim users expressing their own disgust at being held accountable for the actions of a minority.

Others questioned whether Christians or the West should, by his argument, be held responsible for all terrorist acts committed by individuals.