Dog left without a home due to different coloured eyes

Molly has a striking blue eye due to a condition known in humans as Heterochromia. Credit: SWNS

An unfortunate dog has been left unwanted at an animal shelter in Berkshire, with staff believing it is because her eyes are different colours.

Molly, a one-year-old collie, arrived at the Dog's Trust Newbury with her near-identical sister Holly.

However, while Holly has found a home with relative ease, Molly has so far been left behind.

Molly, right, with her near-identical sister Holly. Credit: SWNS

Molly has a condition known as Heterochromia in humans, with one eye a dazzling blue as it has less pigment than normal in it.

However, it doesn't affect her sight, and staff at the centre say they are perplexed as to why she has yet to find a home.

Anyone interested in taking Molly or rehoming any other dogs can contact the Dog's Trust via their website.